(Award Winners/Honorable Mentions in red)

Recorded Books
Historical Fiction
Half of A Yellow Sun
(Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
The Pirate’s Daughter (M. Cezair-Thompson)
Hottentot Venus ( B. Chase-Riboud )
Douglass’ Women (J. Parker Rhodes)
Cane River (L. Tademy)
Horror / Sci Fi / Mystery
Polished Hoe (A. Clarke)
Unburnable (M. John)
The Good House (T. Due)
Plain Brown Wrapper (K. Grigsby Bates)
Classic Fiction
Passing (N. Larsen)
From a Distance (T. Alexander)
Lazy Eye (D. Daley-Clarke)
Breath, Eyes, Memory (E. Danticat)
Krik? Krak! (E. Danticat)
The Dew Breaker (E. Danticat)
Lady Moses (L. Roy)
October Suite (M. Clair)
The Fisher King (P. Marshall)
Blessings (S. Jackson)
Greenwichtown (J. Palmer)
Big Girls Don’t Cry (C. Briscoe)
A Black Girl in Paris (S. Youngblood)
This Just In (Y. Joe)
Some Sunday (M. Johnson-Hodge)
Milk in My Coffee (E. J. Dickey)
Loving Donovan (B. McFadden)
Brother, I’m Dying (E. Danticat)
That Mean Old Yesterday (S. Patton)
Soldier: A Poet’s Childhood (J. Jordan)
An American Story (D. J. Dickerson)
Never Die Easy (W. Payton)
Soldier (J. Jordan)
What’s Love Got to Do with It (D. L. Franklin)
The Twins and the Bird of Darkness (R. D. San Souci)
BBC Audiobooks
Seen It All and Done That (P. Cleage)
The Big Girls (S. Moore)
Twelve Times Blessed (J. Mitchard)
Your Pregnancy Week By Week (G. Curtis, J. Schuler)
MacMillon Audio
Sellavision (A. Burroughs)
Live Oak Media
Squashed in the Middle (E. Winthrop)
In Daddy’s Arms (J. Steptoe,ed.)
Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters (J. Steptoe)
Wiley and the Hairy Man (M. G. Bang)
AFB Talking Books Studio

(National Library Service in-house reviews only)

The Last Emperess (A. Minn)
The Harlem Reader (Ed. by Herb Boyd)
Full Court Press (M. Lupica)
The Secret Life Of Bees (S. Monk Kidd)
The River Where Blood is Born (S. Jackson Opoku)
Daughters of the Dust (J. Dash)
White Boys and River Girls (P. Gover)
Quicksand; and Passing (N. Larson)
Sisters & Lovers (C. Briscoe)
Colored sugar Water (V. Berry)
Ties That Bind (B. Jackson)
Going to the Chapel (Rochelle Alers, et al.)
So Good (V. Berry)
Singing in the Comeback Choir (B. M. Campbell)
If This World Were Mine ( E. L. Harris)
Soul Survivors (Destiny’s Child)
Find Where the Wind Goes (Mae Jemison)
Little Miss Dynamite (Brenda Lee)
A Kind of Grace (Jackie Joyner Kersee)
Come Out the Wilderness (Estella Conwill Majozo)
A Touch of Innocence (Katherine Dunham)
Soul to Soul (Yalena Khanga)
Laughing in the Dark (Patrice Gaines)
Social Science
Tell My Horse (Zora Neale Hurston)
African Religion (Aloysius M. Lugira)
Dating and Sex (Judith Peacock)
A Shining Thread of Hope (Darlene Clark Hine)
Asian American Dreams (Helen Zia)
Reviving the Spirit (Beverly Hall Lawrence)
The Black Health Library Guide to Obesity (L. Villarosa,ed.)
Sosu’s Call (M. Asare)
Girlhearts (N. Fox Mazer)
Bound for the North Star (D. Brindell Fradin)
Sosu’s Call (M. Asare)
Girlhearts (N. Fox Mazer)
Bound for the North Star (D. Brindell Fradin)
In My Momma’s Kitchen (J. Nolan)
I Am Rosa Parks (R. Parks)
The Winners Circle (L. Snelling)
Kentucky Dreamer (L. Snelling)
Out of the Mist (L. Snelling)
Second Wind (L. Snelling)
Shadow Over San Mateo (L. Snelling)
Call for Courage (L. Snelling)
Close Call (L. Snelling)
Eagle’s Wings (L. Snelling)
Go for the Glory (L. Snelling)
Race (L. Snelling)
Jojo’s Flying Side Kick (B. Pinkney)
Minty (A. Schroeder)
Feliciana Feydra LeRoux (T. Thomassie)
A Baby Just Like Me (S. Winter)
City Green (D. DiSalvo-Ryan)
Saturday at the New You (B. Barber)
Tanya’s Big Green Dream (L. Glaser)
The Gift of the Tree (A. Tresselt)
The African Mask (J. Rupert)
Song of the Trees (M. Taylor)
Plays / Poetry
Carver: A Life in Poems (M. Nelson)
Love Poems (N. Giovanni)
The Distant Talking Drum (I. Olaleye)
A Caribbean Dozen (J. Agard, ed.)
The Darker Face of the Earth (R. Dove)
Selected Poems (R. Dove)
Brown Honey in Broomwheat Tea (J. C. Thomas)
Spider magazine for children
Matilda Zeigler Magazine
Medical / Legal
Parkinsons’s Disease Foundation Handbooks;
NY Lawyers for the Public Interest: NY Legal Codes
Sails Literacy Series (Rigby): Learn to Read Series and ESL Learn to Read Series
Documentary: Madagascar, a New Vision; American Museum of Natural History (plate techtonics exhibit)
United States Air Force Regulation Handbooks
Natural Coffeehouse Radio Hour (NPR Radio)